Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dinner with the relatives

During our trip to Vietnam in 2010 we stayed with relatives in Ho Chi Minh, they showed us a lot of the new places to eat and they also showed us some of their cooking talents.

 Starting with a pork and egg dish 

Then a squash and pork soup

The the amazing new taste for me was non-bitter bitter melon, let me explain; the bitter melon was chilled with ice which reduced the bitterness and made the melon very crunchy. Then combined with the slightly salty pork fluff, the taste was a complete transformation from the normal bitter flavour.

 Pork fluff

 Combined and eaten with rice, its a great taste and texture. 

Sauteed greens with lots of yummy garlic 

Lastly a fine selection of desserts that were bought locally 

 Loved this fresh coconut dessert, smooth, creamy and refreshing. The perfect end to our meal.