Monday, February 4, 2013

Family cooking

As we traveled around we would pick up dishes to try with the family back in the village; my wife is very good at tasting and decoding a dish so she can reproduce it herself. We also would make dishes that they had not tried from other areas of Vietnam.

The following was a Duck and bamboo soup my wife made:

The duck

The yummy broth

Getting it assembled 

With all the veggy toppings

Bamboo goodness
Making of La lot leaf wrapped ground pork. It is a dish we had in Hanoi and of course my wife had to show she could make it better; she did. The house had two types of related La Lot plants, she used one we do not get to eat in Canada. It is more peppery than the other.

The plant we got the leaves from
Rolling it was not quite as easy as the other leaf 

We lost quite a few because the design of the holder we used

Nothing better than a open fire to increase the taste

My attempt at being artistic
 I did not take a photo of the finished product as it looked the same as any leaf rolled product and I was too busy eating it :)

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  1. I've just read your blog from the end to the beginning and it's so interesting to see where you guys are getting your restaurant inspirations from. It makes me very excited to visit you guys soon as I will be expecting a super authentic gastronomic experience!!! Great job on the website too really appreciate the level of detail you put into it.